"Evolushon" – Randal Corsen

ERIC CALMES - acoustic & electric bass
DAVID SÁNCHEZ - tenor sax

A-RECORDS is proud to present the debut album of Latin-jazz piano sensation from Curaçao (Dutch Antilles) Randal Corsen. Over the last decade, Corsen (1972) who currently lives in The Netherlands, has proven his special skills in the jazz and Latin music scene in both The Netherlands and Curaçao. He received high praise for his work as a pianist, composer, arranger and co-producer for the critically acclaimed albums of Dutch vocalist Izaline Calister and for his performance in the successful Latin-jazz Quintet Bye-Ya!

Randal’s work is outstanding for the original way he blends jazz with Latin American music. His compositions and arrangements contain modern and progressive harmonies and melodies; his expressive solo’s are characterized by great virtuosity, rhythmic perfection and extraordinary dynamics. Artists who inspired him: Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans, and Latin-jazz pianists such as Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Eddie Palmieri."

"The music on Evolushon can best be described as ‘Antillean Jazz’, a fusion of jazz and rhythms from Randal’s native island Curaçao; a repertoire consisting of mainly original compositions by Randal and a couple of newly arranged Antillean standards, brought to you by a fantastic line-up of some of the best Latin-jazz players around. Naturally one can never ignore the big influence Cuban and Brazilian music has had in the whole Caribbean, something which is also evident on ‘Evolushon’. However the strongest influence is Afro-Antillean, something that is also emphasized by the use of traditional Antillean percussion instruments, providing the music on this CD its own original sound.

Some of the highlights on this CD: the title track ‘Evolushon’ with a superb sax solo by David Sánchez, ‘Tanta Mery’ a folklore Afro-Antillean melody adapted to a jazz ballad, an expressive guitar solo by Leonardo Amuedo on ‘Ambishon’ with Izaline Calister singing in Papiamento. The soloists are accompanied by a great rhythm-section: Pernell Saturnino, Eric Calmes and Liber Torriente.

1 Shon Macai
- (Randal Corsen)
2 Rib’un Djadumingu
- (Randal Corsen)
3 Ambishon
- (Emilio Prudencia, arr. R. Corsen)
4 Mi Djègèdjège
- (Barbaro Ché, arr. R. Corsen)
5 No Bai
- (Oswin Chin Behilia, arr. R. Corsen)
6 Evolushon
- (Randal Corsen)
7 Tanta Mery
- (Folklore/ Randal Corsen)
8 Costa Firme
- (Randal Corsen)
9 Trinitaria
- (Randal Corsen)

Produced by Randal Corsen
Recorded at Power Sound Studios, Amsterdam 2003
Recording, mixing and mastering engineer: Paul Pouwer
David Sánchez appears courtesy of Columbia Jazz